It looks like most if not all will schools close for the remainder of the year.

Portland School Superintendant Xavier Botana announced the closure of the Portland schools.

The decision to close them came with guidance from the CDC, which cautioned against large gatherings.

In an April 8th letter written to parents obtained by the Portland Press Herald, Botana wrote,

“This is a difficult decision for us. I acknowledge the difficulties that extending remote learning to the end of the school year now poses for everyone in the Portland Public Schools community. It means you will have to continue to cope with childcare and managing school expectations while grappling with the other financial and personal impacts of this crisis. However, the safety of everyone in the (Portland Public Schools) community is our prime concern.”

He also went on to state that they are looking at plans to carry out graduations and other traditions after this pandemic is over, but nothing is etched in stone.

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