For the first time ever, Portland is moving a building brick by brick instead of moving the whole thing...because it's safer.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the developers of the former Portland Company site on Fore Street will be taken apart and they will rebuild the historic brick building that they were going to move in one pice.

This had to be approve by Portland's Historic Preservation Board. You can't just move or take apart any ol' historic building.

They decided to rebuild the 1895 building brick by brick, because moving it whole would do too much damage, the newspaper stated. They will rebuild it to it's original form!

If you think this is crazy, it is a little drastic and may be the first time ever that a building has been rebuilt brick by brick. Moving whole buildings has been done plenty in the past, but this might be historic. There was a sort in Winslow that had to be rebuilt in the 80's after a flood, according to the Press Herald, but beyond that - nope.

The newspaper reported that they could start tearing it down this spring or summer. It's gonna be busy on the east side because a new 150-slip marina is also opening then. It's all part of a 10-acre redevelopment of the area.

Looks like it will be offices, according to the Press Herald. Slightly boring, but the process will be super cool.



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