When I think of sea weed I think of that horrifying feeling as a piece brushes my feet when I'm swimming in the ocean. Or seaweed salad at my favorite sushi place! But for one woman originally from Orono, seaweed is so much more.

According to the BDN a woman from Portland has begun making lubricant from seaweed.

26 year old Mariah Curtis is working on an all natural, seaweed based sexual lubricant, that, according to the article, will be just for Mainers. Although I'm sure she wouldn't be opposed to selling it nationwide, or even worldwide if the new lube goes viral.

She calls the motion lotion Sea ME Lube and even though she still need approval from the FDA before she can sell it Curtis says she's already thinking ahead about improvements by experimenting with natural scents or flavorings to add to the formula.

What exactly is the formula? BDN reports that the lube has just three ingredients, Irish moss, water and a tiny amount of preservatives to give it a bit of a shelf life and no odor which means it won't smell like you're getting it on at the beach!

Curtis says it's not just a one purpose lotion, it's a personal and massage lubricant that can be used for any sort of activity, It’s safe to rub all over your body. it absorbs completely or you can wash it off. It’s for any part of your body you want to have slick or wet for any reason.


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