It was just about a year ago we shared the story about how the building that houses the landmark restaurant Espo's Trattoria was up for sale at a cost of $1.2 million but none of his kids had any interest in owning the business, and the owner Bob Esposito wanted to sell because he just didn't have the time to spent at the restaurant.

Now comes the news that Espo's which has been in operation since the 1950s will close their doors mid October, and just like that another Portland mainstay will be gone forever.

According to the Press Herald, Tony Napolitano Jr., owner of Maria’s has bought the building and said as soon as Espo's closes he will begin some light renovations in November getting ready to move Maria's into the iconic building at 1335 Congress Street.

The move comes after the building that Maria's is in now has been sold to Youth and Family Outreach, which plans to expand its services there, the article reports.

But not all hope is lost for Espo's as Tony told the Press Herald that they'll keep a lot of the same classics on the menu as well as add some new items.

I hope they keep the giant meatballs at least.

This was the place I learned how to eat a lobster when I was a kid. I can remember my mom showing me the step by step guide that were on their paper place mats back in the day.



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