Ugh. Another little staple bar in Portland closing. I'm going to miss their sign, I won't lie. I also won't lie when I tell you I've never been into this bar, but I pass the cast iron sign outside of it every day driving home.

The Snug in Portland, Maine's East End is permanently closing.

Located across from the cemetery on Congress Street, the Snug had the cutest little corner location for a pub. Now that they're closing, the interesting part (which I love), is that the owner, Margaret Lyons, refuses to tell the public when.

She announced on the bar's Instagram yesterday that she hates goodbyes, so she will not be preparing Portland for the closing date. I like her style.

Margaret says,

“In the fall of 2006, I built The Snug from the keg room up,” she wrote. “Opening the bar has been the absolute best decision I’ve ever made … until now. It’s been succeeded by my decision to close.”

If you're ever been into the Snug and talked to the locals, they'd describe this little dive bar as "Irish-ish". It always had a very unique look to the outside of it, as there are metal designs all over the front windows. Truthfully, I always wondered what such a bar looked like inside, and I may never get that chance now. Dangit, Krissy.

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