Last week's Nor'Easter didn't leave any snow behind for Maine, but it did bring a whole lot of water. Many coastal communities saw flooding that lasted hours, if not days, and some of Maine's pristine beaches were overtaken by powerful tides that led to some serious beach erosion. But it wasn't ALL bad.

Shared on Facebook by the York Police Department, Short Sands Beach became the home of countless photos over the weekend as the strong currents uncovered the wreckage of an old Revolutionary War ship that sunk there centuries ago.

This isn't the first time the ship has been spotted. According to the Bangor Daily News, the ship seems to make an appearance every 20 years or so. When it was first uncovered in 1958, experts initially believed the ship to be nothing more than a sunken fishing boat but when it was uncovered yet again in 1980, historians related it to the Revolutionary War.

The shifting tides will once again cover the remnants of the ship over time, but there still may be time to snap your touristy photos. With another impending Nor'Easter scheduled for this week, the strong tides many once again show off Short Sands Beach's secrets, snap those photos while you can!

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