There's a term "driving like a Massh**e" for a reason.

If you've ever driven through Boston -- never even mind the side streets, but main roads like 93 or Storrow Drive, you know that there are only two real types of commutes -- deadlocked stop and go where you move like an inch or so every 5 mins, or having to drive super aggressive and basically taking your life in your hands.

And those are in actual cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But what about a bicycle?

Over the weekend, the onlyinbos Instagram account posted a picture that looks like it was sent to them from a private Insta account (@bertvandereydt) showing a woman on a bicycle trying to merge onto 93.

Like, not in an area that was shut down for construction or anything, and not in an area that was closed or quiet due to snow (since we've barely had any of that all winter, today aside) -- but on a regular day with regular Boston traffic.

Now, on the one hand, props to this woman for clearly being fearless. But also, who hurt you and why are you trying to merge onto the busiest highway in New England in the middle of the day on a bicycle and with no helmet?

Based on the picture above, it looks like the woman was attempting to merge on the Leverett Connector (which is basically one gigantic off-ramp of 93, but still busy as hell with daring drivers) near TD Garden.

All that said, there were no reports of anyone on a bicycle being hit in Boston over the weekend, so it seems like the woman above is safe and sound. Which gives us the green light to highlight the hilarious reactions in the comments section roasting this entire situation.

Priceless Reactions to Woman Riding a Bicycle on I-93 in Boston

These commenters didn't hold back at all.

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