When scrolling TikTok, imagine our surprise when our show popped up.


Travis Booth or bravistooth, apparently finds 'creepy' things. It's his niche for the crowded TikTok world. He's popular with almost 610 thousand followers and 13.5 million likes. The TikTok he did recently was Part 1 of 'creepy sounds' and has over half a million views. And guess who stars as the 'radio station' in it? Ours!

In this TikTok of creepy sounds, Travis talks about radio station WKCR 89.9 in New York. It's the campus radio station of Columbia University and as with most college stations, it's student-led. But the footage of the radio station is NOT WKCR, it's of WJBQ Q97.9 here in Portland. You know, your favorite station.

There are nearly 800 comments on this TikTok to which Travis is pretty good about responding too. One person says,

97.9 tho

Travis responds by saying,

Just some stock footage

Stock footage? Uh, no. That's us! Couldn't tell you what we were videoing or for what reason, but I can tell you that the video is probably from 2018 to 2019. I can tell by two very important things: the sweatshirt I'm wearing was purchased around that time and my hair is dyed! Super pre-pandemic.

Am I thrilled that our 'stock footage' was used for a 'creepy recording' on TikTok? Hell yes! Over half a million views make this the most successful TikTok we've ever not done! Thanks, Travis for including our little radio station in your creepy TikTok. By the way, we have never had our signal signal-jacked. But, sometimes Billie Eilish songs can sound a tad like something went wrong.


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