The all-new way to wake up in Maine is off and running with Krissy in the Morning on Q97.9.

If you missed it today, don't worry, you can hear it tomorrow or the next day or any time during the week really, airing live from 6-10 a.m.

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That means you can hang with me every morning if you really want, and I get to go with you whether it's to work or to the beach or to your couch when you just want to relax.

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So what are three things you can expect from listening to Krissy in the Morning on your app:

1. If it's a risk to talk about it on air, I'm probably going to talk about it. Beg for forgiveness, not permission (sorry boss, I promise I won't cross the line)

2. Callers, Callers, Callers. If you're listening, I want to hear from you. I not only want you to call in the show, but I want you to have fun while doing it. There's a big chance I'm going to make you answer an awkward question OR honestly, tell me things going on in your life so we can chit chat.

3. Emotion. Enter, (or listen), to Krissy in the Morning at your own risk because we'll be talking about EVERYTHING that happens to you and me daily. Anywhere from happy tears, sad tears, excitement, anger, or anything in-between, be ready to FEEL. I did not mean for that to sound as creepy as it just did.

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That being said, I've never been more excited to start a brand new radio show with you Maine, which means we're going to tackle this together. Krissy In The Morning will be a reflection of all of us interacting and creating the future together so thank you for being so kind.

The coolest part about the whole thing is that you can listen on our app if you're not local, not in your car, or just wanna hang out on the boat since it's almost summer!

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OH. P.S., you can also become a part of the show by leaving me a voicemail on our app and I promise, I'll be listening! If you're on the app right now, leave a voicemail here.

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