It can be easy to get down about the stay at home order and having to quarantine oneself. Especially after weeks upon weeks have passed.

Bing'as Windham, known for not only great food but brilliant signage, would like to remind you that things could always be worse.

Some poor soul is out there with your ex. If that isn't enough to make you feel grateful, how about this?

Imagine being in an unhappy relationship. Imagine that just before this pandemic hit, you were planning on ending the relationship.

Before you knew it you're in the middle of a worldwide crisis with this person.

So, do you beak up now and end up being "that guy" who dumped someone during a pandemic? Or do you string the person along until some semblance of normalcy returns?

According to Twitter, it's better to get out.

Personally? I'm not sure. This is like trying to break up with someone around Christmas or Valentine's Day or their birthday. There's no winning.

So if you're bummed, again, remember things could be worse. Wishing you had a quarantine buddy? You could very well be much happier than a lot of people with quarantine buddies right now!

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