I see advertisements constantly in my social media feed for things I don't want. Weird kitchen or bathroom gadgets that solve a problem I've never spent more than a couple seconds considering, and the solution for which costs an arm and a leg. For something I'll probably forget to use when the rare occasion comes along anyway? No thanks.

However, this morning I was scrolling through my feed when I came across an invention I would buy IMMEDIATELY if I owned a car. Since I don't, please let me live vicariously through you, and buy it for your car. Presenting: The emoji display for your back window.

That's right folks. the Mojipic is an LED display attached to a mount built specifically for your car's back or side window for the sole purpose of communication via the millennial communication device: emojis. Tailgater? Flash him a fuming angry face. Someone let you merge in front of them? Throw up a heart eyes. Is it your team's semifinals (sports sports sports)? This is a way you can flash your colors in an especially "lit" way (that's right, I'm just like you kids and your hip vocab).

Is it practical? No, not really. Is it fun? I mean, when don't emojis add to the party? Will they likely soon be banned for distracting drivers and passengers alike, diverting your attention from the road for the simple and fleeting pleasure of sharing a smiley? Probably. But YOLO, amiright? Buy this thing like you bought Four Loko back in 2009 and have an emoji-fueled blast while you still can.

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