One Reddit user had quite the scare last night as what is described as a large mountain lion or cougar crossed their path on the Burleigh Rd.

Here is the report of the sighting that was posted on Reddit Dec. 1, 2016:

I was driving down the Burley Rd. in Bangor off outer Broadway, roughly 10:30PM, very dark. We saw the creature scurry out in front of us so I immediately came to a halting stop. It took me a second to understand what I was seeing because it was huge and I was in such disbelief! It was a very large, short haired cat scurrying very close to the ground with a very long tail, long enough for it to drag just a bit. It looked to be in excess of 90 - 100 pounds. It ran right across the road and quickly slipped into the bushes, disappearing. I wasn't about to get out of my car and chase it into the dark woods but now I almost wish I had.. honestly it freaked me out to see something like this in the Bangor area? I've lived here my whole life and seen huge coyotes in Bangor and everything else we're known to have but this was the first and only big cat I've seen in Maine (not a bobcat). Two of us witnessed this. Thoughts?

Those who commented on the post said things like:

Maineac- Was this anywhere near Hermon? Last year my wife saw the same thing and i gave her a hard time about it. But, two days later I saw the same thing in the same spot she did. It was definitely a big cat with a long tail. Not a bobcat at all.

MaineSoxGuy93- A friend of mine recently saw one in Orrington. I believe you and I believe without a doubt there are cougars living in Maine. I don't know how many, but it's definitely not a freak occurrence.

A video showing a similar animal, also thought to be a cougar, has recently been shared from New Brunswick.

So what do you think it was? Have you ever seen anything like it?

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