There were a lot of things in gym class in school that I dreaded. Running long distances, climbing up the rope and square dancing. Square dancing? How is that physical education? There was however one thing that every kid was hoping the gym teacher would say when you arrived for class. "We're playing floor hockey today."

Floor hockey was just what it sounds like. It's just like ice hockey except you play in on the gym floor with a ball instead of a puck and it was ridiculously fun! Now you can feel like a kid again and play floor hockey as an adult with Casco Bay Sports 4x4 Coed Floor Hockey League. And you thought it was competitive as a kid?

All you need is a team of four players with at least one female and you'll play on Wednesday nights for 6 games and playoffs.They provide almost everything including goggles as mandatory protective eyewear if you don't have any of your own.  We never had that as kids.

You've got to be 21 or over, but your an adult now who is reliving their childhood, so that's covered.

If you want to learn more about forming a team, hit the link below. The season starts February 6 at the Portland Sports Complex located at 512 Warren Avenue.

It sure beats square dancing.

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