After the dust settled on one of the most nail biting AFC championships games that New England Patriots have ever played, Tom Brady and the Patriots managed to pull out a victory, beating Kansas City Chiefs 37-31.

After the win, Brady posted a video to his Instagram of he and Gronk appearing to walk to the buses. The looks on their faces are priceless.


Are they bragging? Yes. Do they deserve to brag? Yes. The played a great game against a great team and in the end the scoreboard showed them as the winner. Although, if we're perfectly honest, Dee Brown of the Chiefs was a big help by lining up in the neutral zone so that a Kansas City interception that would have won the game for them was nullified.


Of course there will always be haters. One person wrote in the comments, "Nah f--- you you don’t even earn your f---ing Super Bowls the refs just bail u the f--- out like that offsides on the chiefs my ass like f--- you."

On to Super Bowl LIII and the Rams. Let's hope for another win. Tom has a another set of five fingers for rings.


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