An op-ed was recently released by an author named, Cindy Adam's of the New York Post. It's titled, My summer vacation in 'polite,' 'friendly,' 'inexpensive' Maine.

Oh boy, here we go. 

In this "article," Cindy spoke about how she is a world traveler and has visited many different cultures & places in our world including, Kabul, Kathmandu, Beirut, Siberia, the whole Caribbean, all Europe, Fiji, Samoa and more.

With experiencing culture comes respect, right? That's what I thought, but I was wrong.

Cindy decided to visit our magnificent state of Maine, but why?

Well, according to Cindy,

Longtime friends whose ancestors founded the state of Maine in the 1800s and are in its museums and histories invited me.

When people write about Maine, they normally speak about our amazing views, landmarks, historic buildings, epic people etc.

But Cindy decided to throw-down and spew out snobby opinions on Mainers, how we dress, act, and her scathing opinion on who we are.

The first "hit" she made was this,

In Kennebunkport, Bar Harbor, Portland, Ogunquit, Freeport, Eastport the concept of dressing is only for salad.

Alluding to the fact that those of us in the towns named, do not cover our bodies enough.

According to who?

I myself love fashion. I follow Vogue (American & European), Stella McCartney, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood and I've never been to any Fashion Shows brought to you by Cindy Adams.

We will not apologize for being confident and sexy in our own skin.

Cindy, I suggest you adopt that mentality because if you're able to do that, you'll spend less time writing snarky hit-pieces on entire states and you could enjoy a gelato in your bathing suit.

Does she realize that some people only have the clothes on their backs to wear each day? That in every place in the world their are people who can't afford "fancy" clothes but their hearts are the most valuable part of them?

Let's dive deeper, looking at someone's outward appearance and then deeming the state as a whole to reflect that poor opinion is simple-minded and ignorant.

A Note To The Reader

I'd like quickly add a note to you, the reader. Do not take her snarky opinions seriously because I did some research on this writer and this piece is coming from someone who writes about Sylvester Stallone's muscles and what News Anchors are eating. Don't take it seriously.

Your Judgement is Not Pretty 

Cindy went on to talk about the landmarks we have here in Maine. Well, she didn't really go into detail, as we writers normally do, she more or less made quick statements on what her two eyes were seeing around her for the 5 minutes she spent in those towns.

I felt so lucky when she mentioned that we have "great food" but didn't specify where the food was coming from. Gee- thanks for that, I bet your friends whose ancestors founded Maine are super proud to have now invited you here, after this top-shelf article.

I hope you bought a postcard, because I'm assuming you're not going to hear from them again.

Cindy alludes to the fact that we are not a classy type of people saying,

Everybody does beer. They probably shower with it. Prefer French furniture with gilt arms and legs, white linen tablecloths, waiters in tuxes — forget it.

Showering with beer? Yes please. But as far as judging are class, she's gone too far because I sometimes also like to shower with wine. So there.

Listen, I'm not saying Cindy is a snob, or has her nose in the air, but as she strives to climb higher, only to look down on us, we will be here staring up at her pretentious boogers that she probably wipes with Louis Viton toilet paper.

Let's visit this next point she attempted to make,

New England’s largest state, it’s sparsely populated and 90% forest but looked like no trees went to build elegant stores. Also forget consignment shops because what they’re wearing is already consignment stuff.

Cindy has determined that our stores are not, "elegant" and neither are we.

Fishing? Great. Fashion? Forget it. There’s not enough fabric on NYC’s Seventh Avenue to cover any local behind. Mainers consider flannel formal.

Ouch. This girl's got some spice doesn't she? I may not have a lot of money, but I will pay for courses on respect for you sweetheart.

I expected much more from a fancy, New York Post writer.

I've learned that often times when journalists go after someone they either want that click-bait attention or really do think they are better than everyone else.

Cindy, I'm not sure I have entirely figured you out yet, but throwing out snide judgments on an entire state with no weight to back it up is something I wouldn't expect from a self-proclaimed, "world-traveler." Instead, I'd expect that from someone who holds low self-worth and if that's the case, I am here to help.

Sometimes people just need to vent and I will lend you my shoulder because THAT is who a Mainer is and THAT is what a Mainer does. No matter if we cover our butt-cheeks with flannel or not.

I think it's time to put the pencil down and take a course in community outreach.

I am sure that volunteering at a homeless shelter, or food pantry may do her some good, don't you?

Sometimes those who look down on us just need a lesson on true elegance and respect. So for now Cindy, I suggest you take a lesson from all of those beautiful places you've visited on how they respect people and not make snap judgements on looks.

The state of Maine and it's people are forgiving but we are also protective of each other so we aren't going to be quiet when someone assumes to understand what we're all about in a 5 minute visit.

We hope you drive safe and that your Chanel scarf doesn't hit you on the way out.

But if you decide to come back just know, our "flannel-formal-wear, un-elegant stores, and beer-bathing people"  will still be here to welcome all new-comers, no matter what they're wearing or not wearing on their butt-cheeks because after all- this is Maine, the way life should be. Take note.

Mic. Drop.

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