Chelsea Rose Fitzgerald is from Nantucket, Massachusetts and she knows a thing or two about what it's like to work in a restaurant. She's a comedian with over 5 million likes of her Tik Tok videos where she hilariously acts out scenes from a restaurant that anyone who has worked in the industry in New England can relate to.


"All I've ever wanted to do in life is to make others laugh." she writes on her Bonfire page. She's now sober and a mom and through her Tik,Tok videos, which she creates one of every day, her life has changed.



She goes on to say, "When I started this TikTok series about a made-up restaurant, people started to laugh and my following grew and grew. Now I wake up every day, make a video and continue being the badass mom and person I am. My TikTok family changed my life, and dragged me out of a dark place."



The videos are done with a perfect Boston accent. Much like here in Maine, not a single "r" is heard, but her "r's" are a big harder Mainer's. The cast from Cheers could have taken a lesson or two from Chelsea.



Everyone who has worked in the restaurant industry has stories to tell. Chelesa does too, and by sharing those stories through comedy on Tik Tok, her life has changed for the better. Congrats on your sobriety Chelesa and thanks for keeping us entertained. I swear I will never be "that guy" that any sever has to deal with at a restaurant.

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