Summer in New England is always a destination with little help needed convincing people how amazing it is. But winter? Well, winter can be an acquired taste. Establishments are always looking for something new and innovative to draw people in during the coldest months and this rooftop bar in Boston seems to have found just that.

According to MassLive, the Envoy Hotel is bringing back their popular heated igloos on their rooftop bar for a third year. The illuminated igloos were concocted based on a similar concept seen in New York City, and in just two years, have become a popular Boston nightlife fixture in the Seaport district.

Several of the heated igloos feature a table and chairs that can sit 10-12 people total. There are also some select cocktail igloos, that featured high top tables with plenty of standing room. Each igloo comes equipped with blankets and a thermometer, so the guests can control the temperature. And the best part? There's a button in each igloo that notifies the bar staff when you need refills on your cocktails. That way, you never have to leave your warm, little igloo.

The rooftop bar is only open Wednesday through Saturday during the winter and reservations are suggested.

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