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This Maine Wine & Cheese Shop Is Shaped Like a Wheel of Cheese
Three miles south of Wells, on the northbound side of Route 1 is a little shop shaped like a wheel of cheese laying on it's side. There's a happy mouse with a droopy ear on the top of that wheel who meets you with a smile. The wheel appears to have a big wedge cut out of it and that is whe…
New Hampshire's Stonehenge
We've all learned about Stonehenge in England, one of the seven wonders of the world and one of the great mysteries that still exist about what it functionally was. But what if we told you that America had its very own version of Stonehenge...
Maine Ice Caves
When the summer hits in Maine, people are always looking for a few ways to cool down.
World's Largest Arcade
For some, an arcade represents a cherished memory of their youth. For others, arcades are still a huge part of a day out, experiencing competition and comradery with friends and family. The bad news is, arcades are getting harder and harder to find these days...

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