From Portland, Maine, to Providence, Rhode Island

If you are looking for a place to take the family this spring and summer, you should consider a road trip to the Roger Williams Park Zoo & Carousel Village in Providence, Rhode Island.

It's three hours away (more or less) from Portland, Maine, and only about two hours away from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The animals in the zoo are from all over the world, and the dragons and unicorns in the Dragon and Mythical Creatures exhibit have come straight out of our imaginations.

Dragons & Mythical Creatures is a Special Event

The Dragons and Mythical Creatures event is a special one.

The zoo and carousel are separate tickets that you have to purchase.  For the Dragons event, the cost of a ticket is just $9 for anyone two years old and up. Toddlers one year old and under get in for free.

Also, if you or your child have autism, there is an option to see the park on special days at special times.  

According to a Facebook post from the zoo, there are "over 60 life-size, awe-inspiring animatronic wonders come alive." The post notes that they move, roar, and some even breathe smoke.

Wondering what type of animals you might see? The post teases unicorns, serpentine wyverns, the elusive Loch Ness Monster, and more.

The Zoo Has Animals From Around the World

This is the place to see animals from all over the world without having to travel to them.  The zoo has giraffes, kangaroos, leopards, monkeys, flamingos, cheetahs, and countless other animals.

The ticket prices for the zoo are reasonable too. Tickets cost $21 for adults, $15 for kids 2-12, and $17 for senior citizens. Those who are one year old and under can get in for free.

If you want to visit the carousel with classic horses, benches, and other creatures to ride, you have to buy a ticket for that. But again, it's a reasonable price at $2 per ride.

Don't you want to go see life-size Dragons?  I'm in.  You buy the road snacks, I'll fill the tank.

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