Rock Stars make all the money! What a life - tours, groupies, private planes. How much do the big rockers make? - A LOT! But how much is a lot? Forbes has the list!

Hey it's Trent - Your favorite rock stars are raking it in - concerts, album sales, publishing money, ad placement and more. Paul McCartney, Coldplay, the Boss, Bon Jovi - all made $45 to $79 million in 2013 - WOW!

I love the excess of rock stars - it's easy to be excessive with that kind of money - and it's always great to see people make a great living from their art. These dudes and dudettes make a REALLY good living - some of the numbers blow you away. Check out all the names here - Forbes List - Highest Paid Musicians of 2013!

Bon Jovi makes $3 million per city on their current tour! They made $79 million in 2013!