It's been over three months since the New England Patriots beat the LA Rams 13 -3 to win their sixth Super Bowl and the town of Rumford is getting ready to celebrate. Why so late? Well let's be honest. Who really wants to have a parade in the middle of winter?

No, Tom Brady won't be there. Gronk? Nope. The third string quarterback Danny Etling? No. I mean come on it's Rumford. However, the Patriots mascot Pat the Patriot and a New England Cheerleader will be in the parade, and that's not half bad.

This will be the second time Rumford has put on a Patriots parade, and it's scheduled for Friday, May 31. It will leave Mountain Valley High School at 6PM headed for downtown Rumford and will feature your typical parade staples like marching bands, floats and even a replica of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

You've got to hand it to the people of Rumford. They know how to party and if the parade isn't going to come to them, they'll make their own.

If you want more info on the parade hit the Facebook event below and mark yourself as going to stay up to date on the parade.

Jeff Parsons

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