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According to a press release from Paris, Maine, Police Chief Michael Dailey, on January 14, they received a report of a break-in at the Paris Post Office on Tremont Street. This particular post office is on what locals call Paris Hill, which is several miles away from the larger town of South Paris.

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Google Maps

This little post office is in the quaint village of Paris Hill and serves the people living there. Whoever broke in made off with "postal assets" and mail. Two days later, the post office in North Monmouth was burglarized and had assets and mail taken from there as well.

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Google Maps

The local police departments turned these investigations over to Postal Inspectors, but it wasn't over yet.

On January 20, two separate postal letter carriers were robbed in Lewiston by a suspect who took unnamed postal property while armed with a knife.

Law enforcement across the state was notified about the burglaries and armed robberies, and about three hours later, the Rumford Police Department apprehended two suspects who have been placed into federal custody. Do NOT mess with the United States Postal Service.
Thankfully, everyone is okay. There's no word on whether or not the stolen mail was recovered, as the investigation is ongoing. It would be unfortunate for someone expecting a Social Security check or another very important piece of mail only to find out it had been stolen.
Great job by all the authorities involved in finding the suspects.

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