For the fifth year in a row, the Mead Family of Westbrook put up an amazing display of lights set to music that people look forward to year after year. This year, however, after many technical difficulties with the show, the Mead Family Lights display will not continue.

The trouble started with two very windy days we had during the first week of December. When you have a display as massive as this one is, with 8,000 individually computer-controlled LED pixel lights synched to Christmas music, strong winds are your enemy.

Add to that technical issues with the controllers that make the display work and it's been a struggle for Todd Mead to get his amazing creation up and running. He gave it a try on Saturday night, but many of the lights just wouldn't work.

Todd Mead
Todd Mead


He announced on Sunday on that he was very saddened to have to cancel the shows from here on out.

Due to family obligations and lack of available time needed to work on the show, we can no longer support the show. We will be taking it down and putting it in moth balls.
Thank you to all those that have supported us over the years. We are proud of delivering all the donations our visitors have given especially during the pandemic when they were needed the most. We urge you to continue to donate to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland . We thank you for making us part of your holidays. We thank our neighbors for tolerating the lights and all the traffic.


If you're still looking to see a great Christmas light display, Todd recommends the downtown Westbrook display. 
It's sad to see this amazing display come to an end, but it's totally understandable. We all have our daily lives that need our attention and that always comes first.
Big thanks to the Mead Family for putting on this amazing show for all the past four years. You made Christmas a little more special for visitors and you raised a lot of money and supplies for the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. That's definitely something to be very proud of.



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