Every year, we get so hyped up over the Monument Square Christmas tree in Portland that we gather in crowds to watch the lights turn on and even set up a camera so we can watch the tree live at any point in time.

I don’t entirely understand the tree’s live cam since nothing really changes but ‘tis the season to be merry and bright so I won’t question it or complain.

One thing I will say, though, is that there is another tree close to town that should have a live cam so that everyone can see it at all times, in all its glory.

Westbrook Christmas Tree is EPIC

A Christmas tree in Westbrook is so freaking cool that it could be described as dangerous. I’m definitely not looking at the road when I’m driving by this thing and I almost got hit by a car standing nearly in the middle of the road staring at it in awe.

If you’re going to watch a tree on camera then it needs to be this one.

Not only is every single inch of this thing covered in lights but the lights are constantly moving and changing! The lights dance and prance around but the design also changes, which is way too cool.

I’ll have to grab more videos so you can see it in its full glory because this is only part of the light show! I’ve driven by a few times and the changing display changes even more and I’ll see a new design every time I drive by.

The colors are glorious and there’s one setting where it looks like a lava lamp and that one gets me soo giddy. I need this thing in my house.


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