Letters to Santa

It's something every Maine kiddo (and kids from anywhere else in the world) do every single year -- write a letter to Santa in hopes of either getting a response or everything they asked for.

And while it's rare to either get a letter back from Santa Claus or even for most kids to receive every present they asked for from the Big Guy, there's one mailbox in Maine that's guaranteed to always get a letter back from Santa.

And not just any letter -- a personalized letter.

Edgar Moran / Mike Arney
Edgar Moran / Mike Arney


Binga's in Windham, Maine

Over the weekend, a magical mailbox was revealed in Maine at a place maybe no one would even originally expect.

Because Binga's in Windham -- a place mostly known for delicious wings, incredible drinks, and legendary messages on their business sign, announced that not only do they have a mailbox where kids can send their letters to reach Santa, but it's not-your-average Santa mailbox.

Because by dropping letters into their specific Santa mailbox, letter writers are guaranteed to receive a letter back from Santa. And not just a generic letter written by his Elves -- a personalized letter.

This isn't the first time that Maine businesses have set up a mailbox specifically for letters to Santa at or inside their business. In fact, this isn't the first time a Windham, Maine business has done this.

Back in 2020, according to NEWS CENTER Maine, Dave's Pool set up a mailbox for Santa letters inside their business after Santa's elves reached out to them for setup.

Infinyd Photo
Infinyd Photo

And for the last month, there has been a mailbox set up for letters to Santa right near the Christmas (and snowblower) display at the Lowe's Home Improvement in Brunswick.

But this may be the first time that a Maine business has guaranteed personalized letters back from Santa Claus to anyone that takes the time to write to him.

Let the Christmas Magic begin!

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