Sarah has breast cancer. Has gone through tough treatments, had a double mastectomy and is one of the most inspirational humans I know. I LOVED her list of 10 things cancer has taught her.


Her list was inspired by the fact that she got a dog for she and her son. Some say not the best can there be bad timing for this face?




That's where this list comes in handy...

10 Things Cancer Has Taught Me (or Reinforced) in No Particular Order...


1. Life's short, eat dessert first... and go on the trip you've always wanted, sign up for that bucket list race you keep saying you'll do next year and buy those over priced jeans that make your butt look good!
2. Strangers will quickly become some of your best friends. Accept it and be grateful.
3. Suddenly showing your boobs to strangers isn't weird anymore. (This is something I need to remember is actually very weird. No one *actually* wants to see or feel the rock pile attached to your chest)
4. Your body knows best... listen to the damn thing! It's ok to say no, ask for help or cancel in order to take care of yourself.
5. Having a sense of humor is vital to staying sane. Awkward cancer jokes are good ice breakers.
6. Comparing yourself to another persons *insert whatever you compare yourself with* is never actually helpful. Everyone is different. Everyone's life is different. Everyone's body reacts differently to treatments, training or rest. Your body is going to do and respond however it wants. Relax and enjoy...
7. Be honest. It's ok to feel and be happy. It's also ok to be angry, sad and frustrated. Be honest with yourself and how your are feeling. Acknowledge it, enjoy it or know that it won't last forever and yes, this too shall pass.
8. Good humans actually exist. There are some spectacular ones out there.... let them know how spectacular they are. A simple thank you, I'm thinking of you, good luck goes a long way.
9. You can never have too many donuts... despite what your waist line might be telling you.
10. There's never a perfect time for anything... like for getting a dog. Meet Pollie, our newest four legged, trail blazing, cuddling little pup.
I am so looking forward to meeting Sarah. She wanted to be in the chaos of Cans for a Cure. She will be there on kick off day, Wednesday October 11th. It's one of the many things I am truly looking forward to this year...


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