Cabela's graced the great state of Maine, opening in 2008. This store is truly a hunter's, camper's, fisherman's dream store. The store itself is an attraction with it's mountain, and all the stuffed creatures standing around it. I remember going into Cabela's for the first time, and seeing the mountain of stuffed animals. It freaked me right out! They look so real.

Well, Cabela's is going away now. According to WMTW Channel 8, Cabela's has been bought by Bass Pro Shops for $5.5 billion dollars. That is a heft price tag for sure. No word yet if Cabela's will be changing it's name to Bass Pro Shops, but it is looking that way. Good thing is, not much will change as far as what is sold in the store. In fact, let's check out a Bass Pro Shop with 'The Dude Perfect Show' from CMT.


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