Wendy is a concerned mom who wants you to know that you shouldn't think this can't happen to you...


Wendy lost her 22-year-old daughter Krystal to Fentanyl poisoning on January 8th. Wendy says that she has seen the news reports of overdoses in Maine and as a parent felt bad, but this is only happening to 'other people'. Wendy says that as a parent she fell into the trap of thinking that drugs and overdoses were exclusive to the homeless or poverty areas.

Krystal was a Scarborough High graduate and went on to college. But Fentanyl is creeping into things - even legal marijuana. She says that even one time and your child is dead. She has regrets that as a parent she should have taken this more seriously and learnd exactly what Fentanyl is.

I had the pleasure of meeting Krystal at a Portland Pirates game. A sweet energetic and very excited young woman...who is now gone.

Wendy Bell Facebook
Wendy Bell Facebook

The threat is real and it's not just in far away big cities, it's here in Maine. Wendy has turned her grief and loss into a call to action. She says she will spend her lifetime educating parents or young adults on the dangers of drugs. She wants parents to know the enemy...and then do everything they can to keep their kids safe from that enemy.

She has started a Facebook group dedicated to helping Saving Krystal Heroin Outreach.

Saving Krystal Heroin Outreach is about educating parents and young adults about the dangers of drug addiction. We put young people in touch with services to close the gap. Heroin killed my Krystal and my anger and sorrow is dedicated to saving your child.

I am sorry for your loss Wendy, and honored my path crossed Krystal's. Here's to saving someone's child.



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