The devastation in Texas from hurricane Harvey is catastrophic. Flooding has caused billions of dollars in damage, destroyed people's homes, caused cities to lose clean water and even caused explosive chemical fires. The area of devastation is massive.

To put it into perspective, Kristian Bland at our sister station in Louisiana was able to take a NASA map of the heaviest rainfall impact from Harvey, scale it into Google Maps, and use it to compare what the storm’s impact might look like in other places in the world.

Here's what that impact area in Texas looks like when superimposed over Maine.

NASA/Google MAps
NASA/Google MAps

Nearly the area of the entire state is equal to the area impacted by Harvey in Texas. We know that many factors would change what we might get in Maine if Harvey came our way. We're not using meteorology here, just comparing the land area of the impact in Texas to Maine, but this helps put what's going on in Texas into perspective.

If you would like to donate to help the relief efforts for Texas, can text HARVEY to 90999 and a $10 donation will go to the Red Cross billed to your phone. You can also donate any amount on the Red Cross website.

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