New England is getting a ton of stellar live music this summer. Although Portland and Bangor will see plenty of big acts, you still may need to travel out of state to the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion to see your favorite artists. The venue in Gilford is a super fun place to see shows, but once the concert ends, you're in Gilford and a long way from home. If you know you'll have your share of $19 Coronas and your designated driver will be too sleepy to make the trek home, here are some options for lodging in the area.

1. AirBnb via Sylvia Pierce via Sylvia Pierce

Private rooms or whole houses are available for rent in limited supply within a 5 mile radius of the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion. You better believe these are hot spots for lodging so you may want to book them even before you book your concert tickets. If you're hellbent on a real bed and not having to drive several hours home, reserve your AirBnb as soon as the show is announced. 


2. Kittery Trading Post Campground

The Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion has teamed up with Kittery Trading Post to create a new campground just a short walk from the concert venue. Camp out in your car with a nifty car tent (check eBay) or set up just beside it for the full camping experience. At $65 for a campsite, it's likely the cheapest alternative for lodging in the area.


3. Hotels (If They're Not Booked!)

Yes, Gilford, New Hampshire has a few hotels. Chances are they're booked solid for your dates. It's still worth the look if you know well in advance of your concert dates that you want to stay at an area hotel. Check out Fireside Inn & Suites, Misty Harbor Barefoot Beach Resort, and the Inn at Smith Cove. Some of these places require a two night minimum for reservations, so make a weekend out of it.

Enjoy your summer concerts!

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