Downeast Candies in Boothbay Harbor, Maine has been making homemade salt water taffy since 1974. This quaint candy shop in Boothbay's thriving waterfront downtown will let you sample the fresh batches of taffy as you watch the mesmerizing process of pulling and shaping the sweet, sticky treat.

The taffy is pulled and turned on large machines behind glass walls in the candy shop. A master taffy magician (my term, not theirs) also works hands-on with the taffy to shape, twist, and massage flavors into the chewy confection. If you're lucky, a freshly wrapped piece of taffy will land in your paws for sampling. You know, just to make sure it's as good as it looks.

If you're in need of a calming, soothing, super satisfying break in your day, watch this video of taffy being pulled on a machine at Downeast Candies. It's short, so put it on loop, and bliss out to the mesmerizing footage.

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