If your kids do what they do best, you are gonna end up with a ton of candy in your house...don't eat it all - sell it!


Merchandise is Offered for Sale at Walgreens

It's a win - win! You sell off the insane amount of candy in your house and make a little cash. There is a 5 pound limit per child. Beyond that, it's just silly to have that much candy!

Dr. Michele Shems, a dentist, has been buying back candy for years! They package the unopened candy and send it Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude has sent almost 2 and a half million care packages to those serving in the Afghanistan war...our longest war ever that is not over.

But the good doesn't stop there! For ever dollar they spend to buy candy, they will donate a matching dollar to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

You have a choice. You can eat all that candy, or give it up. You know that most will be tucked in a cabinet and you won't find it until Christmas. By then, you've got a whole other mess of stuff to feel guilty about eating.

WHAT: Candy buy back!

WHEN: November 4th - November 7th / 830 am - 5 pm

WHERE: Dr. Michele Shems - 202 Route One / Falmouth

WHY: Get that candy out of the house and help Operation Gratitude and the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

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