Maine's Teddy Bear Idols is performing to help the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

Teddy Bear Idols is a six-member idol group based out of Maine that dances to mostly Japanese Pop, video games, Idol Anime, and Korean Pop music. They do this just for fun.

Teddy Bear Idol group instagram
Teddy Bear Idol Instagram

They are sponsored by Portcon Maine and Weekend Anime. They normally perform at conventions, but this will be the first time they are hosting a standalone event like this, and they hope for it to become bigger!

Teddy Bear Idol Instagram
Teddy Bear Idol Instagram

How can I see Teddy Bear Idols and support the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland?

Come watch the fun, as the Teddy Bear Idols are joined by several other idol groups from across New England.  There will be shopping, photos, and performances! But the best part is that all of the proceeds earned from the entry fees will be donated to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

Teddy Bear Idols
Teddy Bear Idols

What is an 'idol group'?

Basically, an idol group is a group that dances to choreographed songs. The music is in Japanese or Korean, but it’s all pop music (best known as K-Pop).

Teddy Bear Idols have been doing this for a couple of years. Their names are Allison, Nezu, Kat, Maru, Kippy, and Lyla. The group was founded by Allison in 2022, but they added new members in June of 2023. Some are also interested in cosplay. They have costumes that combine handmade things and some things they've bought.

There are several idol groups, but not in Maine. Most are based in Massachusetts. Teddy Bear Idols is the biggest Maine-based group. They are a lot of fun, and the crowds love them!

Tickets are only $5 and all the money goes to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland!

Get your tickets here!

This is a great fun show helping out our furry friends! I bet you'll want to get up and dance too!

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