Doesn't it feel like Maine has been either building new businesses or renovating old ones everywhere you turn? It's awesome to see, because it means we're keeping up with bigger cities without turning into a bigger city. More specifically, I've noticed Portland and South Portland renovating existing businesses to keep them up to date.

Let's start with T.J. Maxx in South Portland on Philbrook Ave.
This location is actually my favorite (along with Brunswick's T.J.), because it's always so put together. The other day, I was walking through the store and noticed it had been moved around and put back together, but in the best way possible. They were renovating it in such a brilliant way that they never had to close their doors to the public to get it done. The store in person seems to be getting it done fast, so I'm assuming it will officially be all redone by next month.

Secondly, the Shaw's in South Portland right over the bridge.
It's also a favorite location of mine due to their cleanliness. I stopped in the other day as well on my weekly Monday grocery store trip, and noticed once again that this store also seemed to have moved their products around and put them back together in a more strategic way. Everything looked more up to date, and looked even cleaner. On the way out, I saw the sign on the automatic door that confirmed they had just done a grand re-opening. Another store that didn't have to close while they were renovating. Brilliant!

Thirdly, McDonald's on Forest Ave in Portland.
Have you seen how dapper it's been looking lately? Now, unlike the other places, this location did have to close for renovations. But it still felt like it creeped up on us when it was finished. Doesn't it feel kind of weird to see an updated McDonald's when your childhood memories were filled with happy meals in a run-down old brick building?

Either way, it's cool to see Maine watering businesses where there's already business, instead of tearing them down to create big office buildings that don't feel like home.

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