Uncle Nicky turns 77 on July 25th...wanna celebrate with him?


Uncle Nicky seemed a little down about his birthday. Greeks don't really celebrate birthdays - they celebrate Name Day. It's basically the same concept, but with a Greek twist. His mom (my Yai-Yai) was super practical, so birthdays...or Name Days, were often filled with underwear and socks.

So, when I asked if he was excited about his birthday - he gave a sad, 'Eh...'.

If you enjoy listening to 'Coffee With Uncle Nicky'- I know he would flip his 77 year old lid over getting birthday cards!

Let's brighten this sad Greek's day and load him up with cards! If you know me, then you know Uncle Nicky...he enjoys the funny ones.


Send your cards to me, I'll gather them up and ship off a big ol' box of them! (I hope).


1 City Center

Portland, ME 04101

Attn: Lori Voornas



Thanks for helping make my Uncle's birthday a little more special!

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