These drivers decided to truly get behind the spirit of the season.


When you think school bus drivers, you don't think people that are made of money. You think people that are dedicated to an often tough job. Especially now with so many districts facing shortages of drivers. Seven drivers decided to put the tough job aside and have some breakfast.  They decided before going that they were going to help a random waitress have a Merry Christmas.

They all pitched in pay for the meal and ended up with a $450 tip for the waitress. You see her in the middle. Her name is Ashley and she's a single mom with a two-year-old at home. The drivers are: Mark, Louise, Dick, Eric, Patty, Rock, and Hauns. This magic took place at Trails & Ales in Gray (the old Cole Farms)


This is the best! Thank you former Yachtsmen now Navigators. Don't care what your mascot is - because you have huge hearts. If you don't believe me, just ask Ashley.



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