The Fourth of July is notorious for being the #1 day of the year that dogs run away from home. The loud booming fireworks are just too much. Turns out that might be the same for sheep as well. That, or this sheep was simply seeking his own independence.

The Old Town Police Department got a call Tuesday morning from a concerned citizen about a sheep on their property.

Animal control must have had the day off because Sergeant Bailey and Deputy Chief Miller responded to the rogue sheep. They can now officially add shepherd to their resume as they successfully corralled the sheep into the back of their police cruiser.

It wasn’t long until they found the sheep’s home and returned him.

Personally, I’ve always found Maine news to be refreshing. All too often you turn on national news, or venture to other states, and the stories cover so much evil and sadness. I’ll take a sheep in the back of a cop car any day. When keyboard warriors comment on news station posts things like, “This isn’t news,” I always want to ask them, “So what?” Again, I’ll take a story like this in my feed and on my TV any day of the week.

It just goes to show that a day on the force here in Maine, you never really know what will come your way.

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