Stacy Greenleaf lives in Jay and is a single mom of six, and she’s taking classes at the University of Maine...AND still helps out kids in need.




It was at USM that she learned there was an issue with childhood hunger.


According to WGME CBS 13 Stacy watched a video where she learned one in five kids goes to be hungry.

I knew that there was an issue for children, especially children who received lunches and breakfasts at school. And it just, it made me extremely emotional and I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it was that number. Saturday, I watched the video, on Sunday I decided to do something and by Monday afternoon, there was lunches on the front porch.


She bags up 12 lunches every day and puts them outside in a cooler for anyone who needs them. She was spending her own money, but then donations started coming in making her realize just how awesome people are.


She makes lunches seven days a week and her goal is to actually deliver them - and this is just the beginning.

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