According to the KJ, some Pokemon Go players in central Maine are not happy with a sign in Hallowell that calls them "morons".

The sign, which blocks a staircase on Water Street, was put up by the property owner (who also owns several local businesses).  Obviously, some Pokemon Go players are not happy with the sign calling them "morons".

I can see it from both points of view.  Pokemon Go is a cool game that gets people to interact socially and gets them to be active outside.

But, in the last month and a half we've also heard a pile of stories where people have showed a lack of respect for monuments and religious sites.  Some people have even been hurt (or removed themselves from the gene pool) playing the game.  So, I can imagine it must be kinda' of annoying to have random people running all over your property looking for imaginary digital creatures (does that make me sound like a crotchety old man?).  But, did the guy need to call the players "morons"?

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