While people were cleaning up debris, helping out friends and neighbors and trying to stay warm, someone else decided it was a perfect time to make off with an ATM machine at the Brunswick Diner.

According to the Times Record, the vandal or vandals seized the opportunity to steal the ATM while the power was down from the major wind storm. Police estimate the ATM was stolen from the diner in the early morning hours of Halloween Day. Because the power was out, the security system at the diner was unable to catch the thieves on video.

The owner of the diner is also perplexed as to how the thieves made off with the ATM machine considering it was bolted to the floor. The thieves made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. Brunswick Police currently do not have any suspects but if anyone has any information, please contact them.

The ATM machine has been replaced in the diner and a Good Samaritan fixed the storm door that was broken during the robbery.

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