You think it's hard to be cooped up because of a virus? Try turning 8 in the middle of it all.


Thanks to the amazing kindness of the South Portland police Jazmine had a very memorable 8th birthday. Here's what the South Portland police wrote on their Facebook page:

Having to stay home in isolation is tough, especially when it is your birthday. No fear, we will bring the party to you.


From all us here at the South Portland Police Department.

Mom, Tattyz Canas, did all she could to make Jazmine's day special.

Tattyz Canas
Tattyz Canas

Happy Birthday Jazmine! That dress is gorgeous, the cake looks delicious and the police showing up was priceless!

We all hope that you and your family had a great time celebrating turning 8 years old! Hopefully for your 9th birthday, all your friends can come over and celebrate with you!

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