As the days wear on during this coronavirus pandemic, and the stranger and stranger life feels. Even if stay-at-home orders are lifted and we can resume some semblance of life as we once knew it, will it ever be the same again? That includes all of Maine welcoming in tourists with open arms again. So many of Maine's communities use tourism dollars as their life blood, so how long will we be throwing the side eye at people "from away"? Well, it may be awhile. And one of Maine's most popular music artists has the perfect shirt for the times.

Twitter via Spose
Twitter via Spose

Shared on Twitter, Spose showed off a shirt that seemed to really resonate with his fellow Mainers. But don't be fooled, Spose didn't actually create this shirt because of the pandemic, he actually created it for a tour he was on last year. Is Spose actually Nostradamus? We can't confirm, but what we do know is that when Spose put this shirt on sale again, people began snapping them up quickly. Spose even mentioned that someone from Massachusetts bought one, which we're working to figure out the logic on. Check out Spose's online store right here. 

Anyways, here's to hoping a full line of merchandise will be available featuring other states like New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Summer is right around the corner.

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