With the coronavirus pandemic growing across the country, Maine seems to have become a place for people to travel to who are living in so-called hotstpots. Places like New York, with nearly 85,000 cases reported and Massachusetts approaching 10,000 cases. That's got a lot of Mainers calling for the borders to be closed and even going so far as to harass people who have out-of-state plates for coming here.

The Maine State Police have had to let people know not to harass people. Just because they have an out-of-state plate doesn't mean they shouldn't be here.

An example they cite is that there are several CMP trucks that have out-of-state plates. CMP responded to the coronavirus threat by instituting a one employee per vehicle policy. That has meant they have had to rent several additional trucks, now that only one worker can travel in them. Those trucks, like many rental vehicles, might have out-of-state plates.

The State Police have received reports of some of these workers being verbally harassed because of their out-of-state plates. Don't do that. They belong here and are essential personnel. People with out of state plates may be driving rental cars who are essential workers or military personnel. You just don't know, so don't assume and do something you might regret. If you think there is a legitimate issue, contact the State Police and they will handle it.

Governor Janet Mills has said several times that she has no authority to close the Maine borders so it doesn't appear that will happen. So stay home, stay safe and stay healthy. We're all in this together and confronting people isn't going to help our situation.



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