Your odds of getting into an argument with your significant other on any given day are better than 50-50. But, there's some good news for Mainers...


According to a new survey by Mattress Clarity, the average couple argues 19 times a month.

Couples in Delaware argue the most - an incredible 73 times per month. Other fighting states, are Rhode Island and Hawaii, at 47 arguments a month. The maple made them do it in Vermont, at 39 times a month and well, there's nothing else to do in Wyoming except fight - 34 times a month.

But guess what? We are too busying shoveling snow and working to fight in Maine. We get along!

We average 9 fights a month along with Alaska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Oh the survey also includes how often you sleep on the couch. For us Mainers, it's about 2 times a month.

Hell, in my house it's about 10 times a month...but that's just because we fall asleep on the couch!


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