A piece of history in Westbrook, Maine is set to re-open before the end of summer! 

In a time where it's all about technology, I long for the simple things of the past. How about you? We stare at computer's all day for work and smart phones on us all the time; nostalgia is making a comeback slowly. The first drive-in movie theater opened in New Jersey in 1933. And, at the peak of it's popularity, there were at one time 4,600 drive-in theaters were open in the US. Now, there are only 336 operational in America according to metalfloss.com. Now, we can add 1 more to that list re-opening here in Maine.

According to Keep Me Current, the owners of the Drive-In at Pride's Corner in Westbrook have announced they are re-opening before the end of this summer! The theater closed in 2015, and the owners have updated the projector with a digital one, and are set to open by August 4th, or sooner. Enjoy some old school Summer fun outdoors at the movies!





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