This Saturday, August 5th, it's the 6th Annual 'Summer Slam' in Portland. It's a chance for your K-12 kid to have a day of basketball..absolutely free!


Nik Caner-Medley calls Portland home and graduated from Deering High School. He's made his career playing basketball overseas and has gotten to travel the world, working hard and achieving a ton of success.


He has been organizing Summer Slam for 6 years, paying for most years out of his own pocket. It has gotten big enough, with 200 kids last year that several businesses have stepped up and helped him make it even bigger.

Nik has also co-founded Tru. A non-profit with one goal in mind - making sports available to kids who may not be able to afford to play.

TRU org. is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to providing free youth sports programming for our youngest generations.  TRU uses sports to inspire young people to maximize their full potential while uniting economically and culturally diverse communities.

OUR VISION is to provide FREE sports empowerment programming for all school aged children.  Believing you shouldn’t have to pay to play.

Do you know a kindergartner to senior who would like to play basketball for a day long clinic? This Saturday, everyone is welcome!

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