With a fresh blanket of snow on the ground this morning, but not enough to close schools (at least in the greater Portland area) and more on the way this week, my guess is the only people loving this weather are the die hard skiers and riders. And, of course, the ski resorts like Surgarloaf and Sunday River.

Spring is one of the best times to ski, sometimes you don't even need a jacket! And Sunday River really ramps up the fun activities in the Spring. For the skier, rider, or spectator the upcoming events are a blast.

This Saturday is the Pond-A-Palooza event at Sunday River where skiers and riders can win big prizes depending on how big of a splash they make when they get to the pond at the finish line. Registration is free, but in order to secure a spot, they suggest you head to the Welcome Center at South Ridge Lodge Saturday morning between 9am-10:30am to sign the dotted line and get your bib number. Also, kids ages 18 and below need an adult to sign their liability form.


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