The Supreme Court has been in the news a lot lately, with the end of the 2017 term this past week. The high court just released opinions in a range of cases, and longtime associate justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the bench after decades of service, igniting a fierce political fight in Washington that will stretch into the fall campaign season.

While the official work of Washington seems far away, did you know that at least one justice has ties to our very own home right here in Vacationland?

Chief Justice John Roberts owns two properties on Hupper Island in St. George, one right next to the other. A few summers ago, the Bangor Daily News reported that the head of the most powerful court in America purchased a second property on the island, next to the home that he already owned. Both properties were reportedly formerly owned by Stephen Thomas, the host of the "This Old House" program that ran until 2003.

The Roberts family homes are two of only 38 vacation properties on Hupper Island, a small seasonal community that's part of St. George. The island is only accessible by boat, and the nearest crossing is at Port Clyde.

If you see the Chief Justice this summer, be sure to say hello! He's probably enjoying some much needed rest from the political circus in Washington this summer.

On second thought... maybe just a nice smile and a wave. He needs all the space he can get to de-stress before he has to go back in the fall!

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