I will never forget the summer days going to Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire, with friends, family, and camp members. So many memories were and still are made every time that I visit Canobie Lake Park.

It is always sad to see some attractions go, but as they go new ones come in. Next year (2023), we will get to experience a whole new attraction that we have yet to see at the park.

According to American Coaster Enthusiasts New England Region, Canobie Lake Park will be gaining another attraction.

Get ready to spin up, down, and not really all around. This new attraction, called Nebulaz, will have you soaring high and low as you will get to see the beautiful views of what makes up Canobie Lake Park.

It seems like the Nebulaz will be coming to Canobie Lake Park. Not going to lie, this ride looks a little intimidating, but fun nonetheless.

The real question is where will this attraction go?

Of course, one option is where the Corkscrew roller coaster used to be. In 2021, a sad decision was made to get rid of the Corkscrew, leaving a big plot of land available for new rides or even expanding Canobie Lake Park's water park, Castaway Island.

Although the Corkscrew is gone, it will never be forgotten by all of its previous riders. The Corkscrew will actually be able to be seen by many others that have not even visited Canobie Lake Park, as it is being moved from New Hampshire to Texas to become a part of the National Rollercoaster Museum.

There is another option as to where this new attraction could go, the former train station. The former train station sits behind the Roosters and in front of the Boston Tea Party. Now, why could the former train station be a possible location? Well, late in the 2022 season there were signs put up there saying "The Canobie Express Station has moved. Visit our beautiful new train station across from the Dragon Coaster." So, it seems that that plot of land may be opening up for newer attractions.

Are you wondering what this ride does? Well, here is a video you can watch so that you know what to expect when you go to Canobie Lake Park next year.

Already looking forward to the 2023 season at Canobie Lake Park? You can find more information and purchase tickets and season passes here.

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