When a co-worker was diagnosed with breast cancer...her friends and community stepped up!


Marcy Winslow found an aggressive breast cancer early! She had a double mastectomy just a few weeks ago, and is thankfully on the mend. One of her co-workers at Market Square Healthcare in South Paris wanted to help...


So Brianna and her husband Kevin organized a softball tournament. That's when Kevin reached out to me to say they'd like the money raised to go toward Cans for a Cure. I loved it! He asked if I would come speak about Cans for a Cure, and I was happy to!

The tournament was Take a Swing at Breast Cancer. They had six teams, which was pretty impressive considering they put it all together in about a month! The teams were:

  • Norway Center for Heath and Rehabilitation
  • Advantage Wound Care
  • Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice
  • Maine Veterans Homes in South Paris
  • Market Square Healthcare
  • Beacon Hospice

Most of the people were employees and friends and had never played softball before - we laughed and had a great time!

Some people HAD played before....like Ryan and his big man chest. I teased Ryan a lot...he has promised to come to my house and open up my pickle jars.

Ryan Knable

The Winslow Warriors was the team of Marcy supporters...they came in 5th in the tournament. They didn't care...they just wanted to support their girl Marcy - who was a hoot!


I think my favorite part is how much thought was put into this tournament. There was a concession stand with tons of crock pot dishes (I was responsible for finishing off the mac and cheese!), homemade cookies, chips, soda...you name it.

And there were tables of goodies in a raffle! You buy tickets and plop them down into the item you hope to get!


Overall, it was a huge success considering the weather wasn't the greatest...but the people were. I had such a great time and was so inspired for Cans for a Cure. This is what it's all about.

Cancer sucks, but what it brings out in people is truly remarkable.

Oh...by the way. they raised over 2400 dollars! Yea...not a bad haul for a first time event! I can't wait until next year's tournament! Thank you Kevin and Brianna for organizing such a great day!